"To be is to be perceived." George Berkely

Inspired by a controversial photographic exhibit in New York City, Mrs. Schrodinger's Cat follows a group of women as they learn of a local art gallery's unsettling new exhibit: anonymous photographs taken surreptitiously of people in their small town. With the identity of the photographer and the subjects of the photos still in question, and with the potentially humiliating ramifications of such an exhibit weighing heavily on their minds, the women unite for a summer night’s escapade to face the sad, funny, beautiful truth. Raising questions about image, perception, gender, and art, Mrs. Schrodinger's Cat ultimately asks what it means to know another person, and the extent to which we ever really can.

Written and directed by Tasha Nicole Partee, this philosophical comedy about seeing and being seen features an intergenerational cast of seven women: Eileen Howard, Danielle Patsakos, Emily Gordon Fire, JC Sullivan, Amelia Huckel-Bauer, Madigan Mayberry, and Emily Moody. Scenic Art and photography by Miriam Molnar. Production Stage Manager: Emily Venezia. 

Mrs. Schrodinger’s Cat was performed to sold out audiences at New York City's Off-Off Broadway Manhattan Repertory Theatre in May 2015 and will be featured in the upcoming 2016 New York International Fringe Festival.